Welcome to Global Life Foundation

"Unifying the World with the Power of Diversity"

The Global Metanet funding and enabling sustainable, ethical and value-based organizations, projects, consultants and intiatives

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Empowering and enabling ethical organizations, people, projects, and initiatives that provide measurable solutions to the root-causes of our global challenges, respect and support all life, human well-being and happiness



  • To contribute to organization, projects, individuals, and initiatives through value and ethics-based selection, validation, measurement, and fund-raising programs
  • To provide certification and publicity services to organizations, projects individuals and initiatives who have demonstrated significant measurable results in resolving the root-causes of our global challenges
  • To provide a dynamic world-wide Experiential Play-Shop meeting and exchange venues and sessions.
  • To contribute to the transformation, enhancement and amelioration of societal systems and structures by conducting research, enabling initiatives, measuring and communicating the measurable results.

Operating Principles

  • Focusing on basic truths rather than who is right, who has competency rather than status and focusing on what is natural
  • Embracing win-win-win strategies and networked cooperation's
  • Building for the future, integrating ideas, concepts and solutions that are multiple and inter-disciplinary in nature
  • Always applying and upholding fundamentally sound ethics and values in everything we do
  • Continually renewing ourselves, always being open to change, transformation and growth
  • Having the ability to morph, to find rapport, identify and shape ourselves with many different organizations, groups, cultures, societies
  • Embracing and supporting the virtual Networked resource and support model
  • Aligning the past, present and future into an integrated wholeness
  • Always "walking-our-talk", "being the change", being aware and taking responsiblity for all our actions

Services Description

Matching and enabling appropriate funding to “root-cause” ethical, sustainable, transformational organizations, projects and initiatives and providing certification, consulting, implementation, tracking, and researching services enabling their successful realization.