Vintage Findlay Market Photos

A look back at Findlay Market several decades ago. The photos appear to have been taken at two different times, perhaps in the 1960s and 70s. The following interesting images were found in the University of Cincinnati’s Digital Collections. Hat tip to the Digging Cincinnati History facebook page for sharing one of these photos recently.

Findlay Market (5)

Race Street side of Findlay Market

Findlay Market (3)

Race Street entrance at a later date

Findlay Market (12)

Rothenberg’s Shoes and Acme Hardware

Rothenberg Shoes and Acme Hardware at a later date

Rothenberg Shoes and Acme Hardware at a later date

Findlay Market (7)

Essen Strasse with the Crown Building on Elm Street in the background

Findlay Market (13)

Elder Street with the Globe Furniture in the background on Elm Street

Findlay Market (1)

Elm Street entrance with driving lane next to market house

Findlay Market (14)

Aerial image of Findlay Market area. The sandlot at bottom left is now the Market’s north parking lot.

4 Responses to “Vintage Findlay Market Photos”
  1. Mark Christol says:

    I remember when the produce vendors set up along the sidewalk in the early 80s. In the winter they set up plastic tents & had these portable heaters inside. It was real 3rd world.

  2. Matt Anthony says:

    I wish the current iteration captured the feeling of expansiveness that existed when the ends of the wings were open like in the pictures. Right now I feel like things are artificially squished by having a north and south corridor flanking the center stalls and aisle in the market house. Its nice for a weekday visit but busy summer weekends are so packed that I feel like I can’t stop and chat when I run into a friend. I’m sure the refrigeration and electrical needs are major reasons, but can we bring some of that openness back?

  3. glass says:

    These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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