The Crown OTR Revitalization

The old Crown Furniture Company building has a new lease on life. Now known as Crown OTR, the building at 1739 Elm Street is located on the streetcar line and directly across the street from Findlay Market. Crown OTR’s facebook page describes itself as “One family’s personal journey through their contribution to the revitilization of a historic neighborhood.”

Crown OTR in fall 2011, before renovation

Crown Furniture pictured in LIFE – 1964 Opening Day Parade

Crown OTR, 2012 Opening Day Parade

Crown OTR, pic via CPA

Here is owner Kim Starbuck voicing her support for the streetcar and OTR:

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Follow Crown OTR’s renovation and the family’s journey on facebook and on twitter @CrownOTR.

  • Ann Senefeld

    I think this should be 1739 Elm Street. I have been working on the history of this building.

    • OTR

      Ann, you’re right! Its facebook page says 1739 too. On the auditor’s website, it is 205 W Elder, I believe.

      • Ann

        Yes. It actually has quite a few addresses. I can’t wait to share the history with Kim and Kevin.