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steamwhistlepress: Bookmaking, just another service we offer.

steamwhistlepress: Bookmaking, just another service we offer.

The Crown OTR Revitalization

Crown OTR, pic via CPA

The old Crown Furniture Company building has a new lease on life. Now known as Crown OTR, the building at 1739 Elm Street is located on the streetcar line and directly across the street from Findlay Market. Crown OTR’s facebook page describes itself as “One family’s personal journey through their contribution to the revitilization of a

P&G Old Spice Loft Space in OTR

Editorial Packaging Digest - April 08 - Old spice

There are so many secrets to Over-the-Rhine, both new and old. The P&G Old Spice Loft Space is one of them. The gallery at 1423 Vine St. was recently featured in the following video by Soapbox Cincinnati and The Big Media Company. In the video, P&G Associate Design Director Krista Jonesgehring explains that “being in Over-the-Rhine

Music at Bockfest

The Kentucky Struts perform Saturday at Bockfest Hall

via Music at Bockfest this weekend | Each Note Secure – Saturday night MOTR will be hosting Sugar and Gold from San Fransisco – Saturday at Bockfest Hall The Kentucky Struts are playing – On Sunday night, Bockfest is closed out with live music from No No Knots and Nerves Junior at MOTR starting at 9pm