OTRVIEW: Levi Bethune of Simple Space


When I first got to know Levi Bethune, I asked him to describe the character of Cincinnati – a question that he answers fully in this OTRVIEW –  and he answered the question along these lines: “Cincinnati is that guy with a secret history. He’s dope and has been around. He’s a no-drama, genuine every-man

2013 Bockfest Parade Photos

The Trojan Goat has become an unofficial mascot of Bockfest

Bockfest 2013 has come and gone but remains a beautifully hazy memory. Old traditions were continued and new ones were given life. The Inaugural Bockfest 5K was a success with over 1,000 participants in the race, and the annual Bockfest Parade entertained ever-growing throngs of onlookers. Photographer Sarah Laubacher captured the following scenes during the

The rain over Pendleton | credit: Tim Jeffries

jeremykramerphoto: Woodward and Main.  View down Main from Woodward

Music Hall in 1879

Vintage Findlay Market Photos

Findlay Market (12)

A look back at Findlay Market several decades ago. The photos appear to have been taken at two different times, perhaps in the 1960s and 70s. The following interesting images were found in the University of Cincinnati’s Digital Collections. Hat tip to the Digging Cincinnati History facebook page for sharing one of these photos recently.

atomic10: Working on our spring look book! (at Washington Park) Chillin’ at Washington Park

Traditions, New and Old, Planned for Bockfest 2013

Bockfest Trojan Goat

“Bockfest is coming!” This shrill yell of excitement has been echoing throughout Cincinnati’s seven hills and Over-the-Rhine’s secret alleyways with a growing intensity for weeks. Now, the time for bock beer, monks, and goats is nearly upon us… The 21st annual Bockfest (March 1-3) officially kicks off with the Bockfest Parade at 6pm Friday, March 1, starting

Visions of Vine

Points of Interest in Over-the-Rhine by Steam Whistle Letterpress