The Gastronomy of Gemütlichkeit

Find many of Cincinnati’s heritage brand and unique brews freshly made at the Lager House.

Article written by Cincideutsch   Cincinnati has always touted its strong German heritage, celebrating it in festivals throughout the year. But why wait until Oktoberfest to get your fix on delicious, German cuisine? In the past year, many new business owners have asked the same question, responding by opening new German-inspired restaurants and breweries throughout Greater

Christian Moerlein OTR Brewery Expansion Progress

Moerlein OTR Brewery Expansion, pic via Greg Hardman (2)

Greg Hardman, Cincinnati’s beer baron and CEO of Christian Moerlein, has tweeted photos of the progress at the Moerlein brewery in Over-the-Rhine. The brewery at 1621 Moore Street in the OTR Brewery District has served as Bockfest Hall and hosted various events since it was chosen as the site of the Moerlein brewing operation in