Findlay After Five

OTR’s revitalization is moving northward across Liberty Street, and Findlay Market is a big reason why. Enjoy Eli’s BBQ (future Findlay Market tenant) and Pho Lang Thang (current Findlay Market tenant) with Rhinegeist beer (brewed just up the street) and music by Red Cedars (old time roots music) Fridays 5-9pm at Findlay Market starting today!

Vintage Findlay Market Photos

Findlay Market (12)

A look back at Findlay Market several decades ago. The photos appear to have been taken at two different times, perhaps in the 1960s and 70s. The following interesting images were found in the University of Cincinnati’s Digital Collections. Hat tip to the Digging Cincinnati History facebook page for sharing one of these photos recently.

Findlay Market’s 9th Annual Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras at Findlay Market - Christy Samad

Findlay Market celebrated its ninth annual Mardi Gras this weekend. Unlike Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Findlay Market’s celebration is a family-friendly affair. If you’re looking for a display of drunken debauchery and licentiousness, look somewhere else (perhaps Bockfest?). Mardi Gras is one of the Market’s busiest days of the year and

cincypb: Findlay Market’s new CEO has big ideas for historic gathering spot. Joe Hansbauer calls Findlay Market “the most diverse spot” in Cincinnati, where weekend crowds include all races, income levels and local geographies. New leadership at Findlay Market

Findlay Market is known as “the most diverse spot” in Cincinnati. It is a gathering place for people of every stripe and sensibility. It is a place to shop or meet someone for a date. The latter was the case for the hapless fellow in the photo. This past Friday night the brazen young man

The Crown OTR Revitalization

Crown OTR, pic via CPA

The old Crown Furniture Company building has a new lease on life. Now known as Crown OTR, the building at 1739 Elm Street is located on the streetcar line and directly across the street from Findlay Market. Crown OTR’s facebook page describes itself as “One family’s personal journey through their contribution to the revitilization of a

The Story of the John Breiner Ghost Tile

John Breiner ghost tile

Editor’s note: This post tells the story of a mysterious John Breiner ghost tile found near Findlay Market and was originally published on the always enlightening VisuaLingual blog. VisuaLingual originally posted the photo and by power of the internet was contacted by a descendant of John Breiner. VisuaLingual is a design studio based in Over-the-Rhine with

Over-the-Rhine in July

Over the Rhine

Photos of Over-the-Rhine via Jayson Gomes of…… View his photos on flickr here.

The Future of Findlay Market

Findlay Market

Update: The bullets are not indenting as they should. Please excuse the monotonous appearance. Today’s Enquirer includes this article about Findlay Market by Laura Baverman. In it we learn the following: Parking plan To be presented to the city of Cincinnati within one year Will include proposal to replace the four-story 1930s building at 1634 Central

Findlay Market Weather

Findlay Market

Fear not. That giant glowing orb in the sky is the sun which means it’s perfect weather to visit Ohio’s oldest continuously operating public market. Photos of Findlay Market by photographer and OTR resident James Jenkins: