The secret paths of Over-the-Rhine

cheeksandchubs: after many months of trying, we made it to a Please dinner last friday. we got the first of two covers, at 5:45pm, at the streetpops shop in over-the-rhine, and let me say we walked away awed and inspired. chef ryan santos was careful not to toss around his skills on making foams, and

House Hunters tonight at 10pm on HGTV will feature 1206 Main Street 

HGTV’s House Hunters airs an episode filmed in OTR, downtown and Walnut Hills tonight at 10pm.

Over-the-Rhine Featured on HGTV’s House Hunters

House Hunters filming in front of 1206 Main Street in OTR

HGTV’s House Hunters will an air an episode set in Cincinnati tonight at 10pm. Real estate agent Scott Oyler of the Oyler Group showed his client Brandon three properties last August: a loft in OTR, a condo on 6th St. downtown, and a condo in Walnut Hills. By the end of the episode, Brandon will decide where

A new rehab on Republic #thisisotr #cincinnati

cheeksandchubs: this past weekend turned out to be a productive one, and i am happy as can be to be able to tick some things off my long to-do list! what makes a weekend of to-do wrangling even more fun is when it’s sprinkled with side trips and new discoveries. we planned a stop at collective

The view down Bland Alley from Goetz Alley #thisisotr #springinoursteps #cincinnati (at Bland Alley)

Findlay Market #thisisotr #cincinnati #otrmatters (at Findlay Market)

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