coccyodynia: cincinnati snow. The view from the Art Academy of Cincinnati

The Belmain #thisisotr #cincinnati (at The Belmain)

#thisisotr #mural #cincinnati

cityandskylines: Cincinnati Winter Skyline by Magicked on Flickr. Cincinnati where the river bends!

Steeples in the sky #thisisotr #cincinnati

Bremen Street police station to public bath house to Kolping Society House – 1523 Republic (formerly 141 Bremen) – currently owned by a 3CDC subsidiary – #cincinnati #thisisotr

Music Hall in 1879

@parkvine on House Hunters – finally watching the downtown Cincinnati episode #thisisotr #cincinnati

Vintage Findlay Market Photos

Findlay Market (12)

A look back at Findlay Market several decades ago. The photos appear to have been taken at two different times, perhaps in the 1960s and 70s. The following interesting images were found in the University of Cincinnati’s Digital Collections. Hat tip to the Digging Cincinnati History facebook page for sharing one of these photos recently.

Weekly Farmers Market Coming to Washington Park

Washington Park aerial photo via 3CDC

A farmers market will be held at Washington Park every Monday 4-8pm from June 3 to August 26. 3CDC is currently soliciting applications for vendors for the Washington Park Farmers Market and is “committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest-quality, locally-produced products available”. The Farmers Market at the Park will be held on