2013 Bockfest Parade Photos

The Trojan Goat has become an unofficial mascot of Bockfest

Bockfest 2013 has come and gone but remains a beautifully hazy memory. Old traditions were continued and new ones were given life. The Inaugural Bockfest 5K was a success with over 1,000 participants in the race, and the annual Bockfest Parade entertained ever-growing throngs of onlookers. Photographer Sarah Laubacher captured the following scenes during the

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#bockfest #thisisotr

#thisisotr #bockfest

#BOCKFEST #thisisotr

#BOCKFEST #thisisotr

Bockfest kicks of Friday, March 1! It’s a big, fun, authentic, affordable, raucous, community-inspired, quirky and authentically Cincinnati celebration all weekend long. Parade starts at the city’s oldest bar, Arnold’s, heads up through OTR on Main Street and ends in Bockfest Hall in the OTR Brewery District. New additions to the revelry include the Bockfest

Traditions, New and Old, Planned for Bockfest 2013

Bockfest Trojan Goat

“Bockfest is coming!” This shrill yell of excitement has been echoing throughout Cincinnati’s seven hills and Over-the-Rhine’s secret alleyways with a growing intensity for weeks. Now, the time for bock beer, monks, and goats is nearly upon us… The 21st annual Bockfest (March 1-3) officially kicks off with the Bockfest Parade at 6pm Friday, March 1, starting

Precipitation Retaliation tonight at Milton’s Bockfest 2013 is almost here…

The 2013 Bockfest Beefsteak Club Dinner

Beefsteak Club 2013 - Lisa Bambach (1)

A cheerful club of Cincinnatians convened last night at the Christian Moerlein Brewery in the OTR Brewery District. They had to attend to some serious business. The invitation read: “In the spring of 1896, the Windisch-Muhlhauser Brewery hosted some of the most prominent Cincinnatians. Guests enjoyed an elegant meal with beer pairings in the unlikely