OTR Gateway Quarter Wayfinding Map

OTR Gateway Quarter Wayfinding Map created by Laura Collins and Katie Garber.

Click for full resolution. More information at otrgateway.com…

8 Responses to “OTR Gateway Quarter Wayfinding Map”
  1. Maya Drozdz says:

    The map is great, and I appreciate how inclusive it is although, on a recent morning, I saw a group of people knock on the doors of two businesses on this map and request “tours.” Both times, I heard the person who answered the door explain that the place, though listed on the map, really wasn’t open to the public.

  2. Margot Vanscoy says:

    Great resource! In future editions please add 1420 Main Street, home of The Spotted Magpie, Cincinnati Film Festival, and Main City Station.

  3. Allison D. says:

    Just curious: what was the area now known as the Gateway Quarter called before 3CDC coined it that about six year ago? Did it have an official name?

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