McMicken and Vine in 1929

A glimpse of Over-the-Rhine in 1929 at the corner of Vine Street and McMicken Avenue.

The photo is part of the Street Construction and Improvements collection of the University of Cincinnati Libraries’ Digital Resource Commons.

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Vine Street and McMicken Avenue

Over-the-Rhine at Vine Street and McMicken Avenue in 1929

2 Responses to “McMicken and Vine in 1929”
  1. Herbert Pence, Manchester, NH says:

    I take exception to the 1929 date for the above photograph of the McMicken Ave.-Vine St. intersection. According the Wright and Wagner, Cincinnati Streetcar history, volume No. 6, page 297, the Ohio Legislature passed a law outlawing open streetcars after 1920. There is the possibility of a typo, a 2 instead of a 1 in the date. However, based on the length of the women’s dresses and style of autos, I suggest that the date is about 1915.
    Herbert Pence, Manchester, NH

  2. Mike Stehlin says:

    awesome photo

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