How the Arts Enrich and Enhance OTR

LPK created this short video about the art’s transformative effect in OTR and how you can help contribute to the thriving community by donating to ArtsWave.

“Anchored by the Art Academy, the Know Theatre, the Ensemble Theatre, and Music Hall, Over-the-Rhine is a testament to how the arts enrich and enhance a community. Ten years ago, many Cincinnatians wouldn’t consider venturing to OTR and today it’s one of the city’s finest destinations for dining and entertainment…”

“…The arts help transform Cincinnati into the place we all envision it to be, and your gift to ArtsWave helps fuel this development bringing more creativity, culture, and thriving communities to our city. Give today, grow tomorrow.…

This is the “ripple effect” mentioned in ArtsWave’s 2012 campaign video:

ArtsWave’s Paint the Street project on 12th Street. Photo by flickr user thadd

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  1. ArtsWave says:

    Thanks for the plug, OTR. If you are interested in helping make Cincinnati more awesome through the arts, consider giving $10 to ArtsWave through our Razoo page.

    Every person helps to make our neighborhoods – including and especially Over-the-Rhine – safer, more inviting, and vibrant.…

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