Crosley Field: Historic Home of the Cincinnati Reds

Crosley Field was home to the Cincinnati Reds from 1912 to June 24, 1970. The ballpark was named Redland Field from 1912 until 1934 when local businessman Powel Crosley Jr. bought the franchise. The “Findlay and Western intersection” was home to the Reds for eighty-six and a half seasons. Before Redland Field was built in 1912, the home of the Reds was in the same general area: first at League Park from 1884 to 1901, then at the fabulously named Palace of the Fans from 1902 to 1911. After Crosley Field, the Reds moved to Riverfront Stadium (later Cinergy Field) on the banks of the Ohio river til 2002. In 2003, Great American Ballpark opened and is the current home of the Reds.

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Crosley Field Home of the Cincinnati Reds 1940

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Parking was problematic at Crosley Field and part of the reason the Reds moved to Riverfront Stadium.



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  1. Tim Jeffries says:

    I have been a fan and friend of Chuck Foertmeyer’s Crosley Field site for many years. Please check it out at….

  2. jim brashears says:

    I have a friend that says the first major league game played at night with lights was in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

    • Ken says:

      For one year, In 1871 their was a professional baseball team the Fort Wayne Kekiongas of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players League that played in Ft. Wayne. I live in Ft. Wayne and I highly doubt your friend’s claim.

  3. Jan Brent says:

    Although night games played under artificial illumination dated back to the 1880s and were introduced in minor league baseball in the late 1920s, they were initially dismissed as an unwelcome gimmick by the big-league clubs. The first big-league team to play games at night was the 1930 Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues, who often played against the House of David baseball team, who carried portable lights mounted on trucks along with their team bus. [3][4] The first night game in Major League Baseball history occurred on May 24, 1935 when theCincinnati Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2–1 at Crosley Field.[5] The original plan was that the Reds would play seven night games each season, one against each visiting club.[6] Night baseball quickly found acceptance in other Major League cities and eventually became the norm; the term “day game” was subsequently coined to designate the increasingly rarer afternoon contests.

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