OTRVIEW: Levi Bethune of Simple Space


When I first got to know Levi Bethune, I asked him to describe the character of Cincinnati – a question that he answers fully in this OTRVIEW –  and he answered the question along these lines: “Cincinnati is that guy with a secret history. He’s dope and has been around. He’s a no-drama, genuine every-man

Pendleton Street Townhomes

Map of Pendleton Street Townhomes

The Pendleton Street Townhomes development will include 5 new residences on Pendleton Street. The second phase will add 5 more units on Spring Street. More information available at Wright Design.

Crosley Field: Historic Home of the Cincinnati Reds

Crosley Field Home of the Cincinnati Reds 1940

Crosley Field was home to the Cincinnati Reds from 1912 to June 24, 1970. The ballpark was named Redland Field from 1912 until 1934 when local businessman Powel Crosley Jr. bought the franchise. The “Findlay and Western intersection” was home to the Reds for eighty-six and a half seasons. Before Redland Field was built in

Vintage Findlay Market Photos

Findlay Market (12)

A look back at Findlay Market several decades ago. The photos appear to have been taken at two different times, perhaps in the 1960s and 70s. The following interesting images were found in the University of Cincinnati’s Digital Collections. Hat tip to the Digging Cincinnati History facebook page for sharing one of these photos recently.

Over-the-Rhine Streets of Yesteryear

Hamilton Cincinnati Peaslee 1

If you know where to look, the corners of Over-the-Rhine tell a story. Throughout OTR one can see obsolete street names etched into stone or carved into the wood of building corners. Many of these names appear to be incorrect, but they’re really only relics from another time in Over-the-Rhine. Some Cincinnati street names were

The Sycamore Street Studio of Theodore Gantz

Sycamore Street Studio of Theodore Gantz (2)

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of visiting Theodore Gantz at his residence and sculpture studio on Sycamore Street on the border of Over-the-Rhine and the Prospect Hill historic district. His museumlike home, luxuriant gardens, Empire-style collection of statuary that would make the Mercantile Library blush, secret courtyards and working sculpture studio are a

Beautiful, Historic Photos of Cincinnati

Central Parkway looking west (flickr / annareid86420)

A breathtaking glimpse into the Queen City’s past.

The Main Street Mosaic Steps

Main Street steps comparison, via flickr user mgsmith

Cincinnati has a plethora of public steps connecting the summits of its hills with the bottoms of its dales. Cincinnati also has an active public arts scene. What better way to marry the two than by using art to enliven Cincinnati’s steps? If anywhere has shown the ripple-effect that public art and its attractive power

The Bellevue Incline and Elm Street Steps

Bellevue Incline streetcar steps

The Cincinnati-Clifton Incline Plane, better known as the Bellevue Incline, connected Elm Street in Over-the-Rhine to Ohio Avenue in Clifton Heights. It was touted as “the only direct route to Burnet Woods Park, Zoological Garden, and Clifton.” The Elm Street steps used to run adjacent to the incline from McMicken to Clifton avenues where the

Canal, Subway, Parkway: The History of Cincinnati's Central Parkway in Images

Cincinnati canal Central Parkway (1)

The “Rhine” of “Over-the-Rhine” was the Miami & Erie Canal. The canal was replaced by Central Parkway and the subway line. Here are a few images of Central Parkway’s history. In a forthcoming post, I’ll delve deeper into the more recent history of this definitive border of OTR. Unless otherwise noted, all images are credited