North of 14th Street


Recently, there was a blogger tour through three newly rehabbed buildings north of 14th in OTR. 5chw4r7z was there… The following photos were taken by 5chw4r7z. For more check out his post HERE. Hit him up on twitter and flickr while you’re at it @5chw4r7z and 5chw4r7z 5chw4r7z:: the ethos of downtown Cincinnati.   Thanks

Before & After: Hamer Street

Hamer and Back Streets - Cinci., O., Sept. 1937

This photo comes by way of Ohio Memory which is a collaborative project of the Ohio Historical Society and the State Library of Ohio. The photo description is as follows: “This photograph shows a grocery store at the junction of Hamer, Back and Benton Street, near Jackson Hill Park, north of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.” The photo is part of the Ohio Guide collection created by

A few shots of Vine


Jake Mecklenborg, author of Cincinnati’s Incomplete Subway: The Complete History, takes great photos. Here are three of Vine Street in OTR: You can learn more about Jake and his book on his website and you can purchase his book on the Cincinnati subway on…

OTRview: Nick Dewald of The City Flea

Dan and Lindsay of The City Flea

Nick Dewald from The City Flea was kind enough to be the second guest in our series of OTRviews. He and his wife Lindsay are the creators of The City Flea which will be coming to Cincinnati this summer. (Lindsay was traveling at the time of this interview, hence the following answers are from Nick.)

Mardi Gras at Findlay Market

Mardi Gras

The following photos of Mardi Gras at Findlay Market were taken by Laura Wendling of LW Photographics:                            

OTRview: Casey Coston of Soapbox Cincinnati

Casey Coston

Casey Coston graciously agreed to sit for the first “OTRview” conducted by this blog. The OTRview is like any old interview except it is about OTR as it is seen and experienced by those who are most fond of the historic neighborhood. We hope to address OTR’s progress, problems, preservation, pride, etc. in this series

Grammer's closes, but some don't care.


I recently saw a Twitter conversation between two people regarding the closing of Grammer’s in OTR. The twitterers (who will remain nameless) went back and forth with the one (person 1) saying they were sad (for the neighborhood) about the news and the other person (person 2) saying that those who didn’t frequent Grammer’s shouldn’t

The Fate of 1314 Vine Street and Mercer Commons

1314 Vine Street; photo credit:

Yesterday, OTR-resident and blogger CityKin wrote a post about 1314 Vine Street titled “Does this building stay or go“. The post and its comments are an informative read and a good introduction to the subject of this post. The Current Mercer Commons Plan The time is now to discuss the fate of 1314 Vine Street

Music at Bockfest

The Kentucky Struts perform Saturday at Bockfest Hall

via Music at Bockfest this weekend | Each Note Secure – Saturday night MOTR will be hosting Sugar and Gold from San Fransisco – Saturday at Bockfest Hall The Kentucky Struts are playing – On Sunday night, Bockfest is closed out with live music from No No Knots and Nerves Junior at MOTR starting at 9pm

Findlay Market, Over-the-Rhine


Check out @5chw4r7z’s trip to Skirtz and Johnston at Findlay Market: