Paths and Nodes: Cincinnati

Paths and Nodes Cincinnati

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Riding to Remember Andrew Gast

Andrew Gast bike accident - photo via John Chester, President of Cincinnati Cycle Club (2)

Andrew Gast died on August 28, 2012 after an automobile crashed into him while he was riding his bike. He was 27 years old with his whole life ahead of him. I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing him. He was an intelligent, genuine man with a generous heart and was a lot of

Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map Raising Money for a Second Printing

Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map

Last year Nate Wessel unveiled the Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map, a pocket size map of Greater Cincinnati’s all-day transit services. Unlike most maps, it highlights frequency of service, showing not only where a line runs but how long you can expect to wait for it. The map was a huge success. With the help of Kickstarter

Bike Shelter Design Competition Yields Idea for OTR Kroger

Cincinnati Bike Shelter Design Competition Winner

The American Institute of Architects Cincinnati Chapter partnered with Queen City Bike and the bicycle storage company Saris to host a Bike Shelter Design Competition, and today the winners were announced. The winning entry was a proposal by Chad Gnant that imagined the conversion of two parking spaces in the Vine Street Kroger parking lot into

The Main Street Mosaic Steps

Main Street steps comparison, via flickr user mgsmith

Cincinnati has a plethora of public steps connecting the summits of its hills with the bottoms of its dales. Cincinnati also has an active public arts scene. What better way to marry the two than by using art to enliven Cincinnati’s steps? If anywhere has shown the ripple-effect that public art and its attractive power

The Summer BRIGHT Ride for World Choir Games

BRIGHT Ride, photo by Michael Providenti

Update: check out this post by 5chw4r7z for a lot of great pics Last night, the Urban Basin Bicycle Club made its weekly slow and steady ride a BRIGHT one. The group of urban riders journeys to a different location in or near the basin every week and this week the destination was Music Hall across