Canal, Subway, Parkway: The History of Cincinnati's Central Parkway in Images

The “Rhine” of “Over-the-Rhine” was the Miami & Erie Canal. The canal was replaced by Central Parkway and the subway line. Here are a few images of Central Parkway’s history. In a forthcoming post, I’ll delve deeper into the more recent history of this definitive border of OTR.

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via flickr user RadioNicole:

Miami & Erie Canal near Mohawk

1875 Miami Erie Canal

The Commercial Hospital & Lunatic Asylum, across from Music Hall

Looking south. Music Hall on the left, hospital on the right

The following three images come by way of flickr user matthunterross:

Central Parkway – Kessler Plan 1907

The same view today:

2 Responses to “Canal, Subway, Parkway: The History of Cincinnati's Central Parkway in Images”
  1. Christian says:

    I just realized that that strange entrance between the new AAA buildings used to be a section of Baldwin Alley. One of the few alleys that crossed Central Parkway/the Canal.

  2. Enjoyed taking a look at the photos of Cincinnati in the past. We’ve been a business in Cincinnati for over 100 years and have a few of our own photos as well. Thanks for sharing them.

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