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Final Friday OTR – April 2012

This Friday (tomorrow) is yet another Final Friday in Over-the-Rhine, and its set to be a great one. In addition to the standard Final Friday happenings, there are some unique offerings.


First up is another edition of OTR Skate featuring You, You’re Awesome and Automagik. This takes place at the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center from 8:00-11:00 pm. Also in attendance with be the Cincinnati Rollergirls, Cincinnati’s Roller Derby Team.  There will also be free Wii, fooseball, air hockey, pool and bumper pool available courtesy of the OTR Recreation Center. Participants will be able to enter a raffle to win gift certificates and goods from OTR businesses, including Pho Lang Thang, Atomic Number Ten, Daisy Mae’s Market, Iris Book Cafe, Smartfish Supply and more. All raffle proceeds will benefit the OTR Recreation Center. Admission for the event is $5, which includes the cost of skate rental. Skates are first-come, first-served and skaters are welcome to bring their own skates. OTR Skate is an 18 and older event. April’s OTR Skate is sponsored by The Counter Rhythm Group, Cincy Blues Society, and the Cincinnati Roller Girls. Last year, OTR Skate events drew 500 people and raised more than $1,000 to help the Recreation Center provide scholarships and staffing for youth programming.

Final Friday OTR @ The Emery

A new addition to the Final Friday scene this month is Final Friday OTR @ The Emery. The Requiem Project, which manages the long-shuttered Emery Theatre in OTR, will be opening the doors to The Emery and welcoming attendees to wander the halls to experience the visual exhibits of photographers and artists Brian BruemmerDarrin BallmanCedric Cox, Chris Hoeting, Jonathan Robert WillisKatherine DurackMike FleschMargot Gotoff, Mark Krotchin, Michael Wilson, and Ron Rack. There will also be performances by Exhale Dance Tribe, Origami, and Lauren Edward. Ric Hordinski and Daniel Martin Moore will be giving a concert and premiering their new records. To top it all off, Christian Moerlein, event sponsor, will be tapping their spring seasonal beer, Saengerfest Maibock. Doors to The Emery open at 6:00 PM with the keg-tapping at 7 and concert beginning at 8.

Other features:

Old Spice Art Show @ 1423 Vine St, 5 pm

BikeArt Poster Party @ Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway, 6:30 -8 pm

Flowers In The Recycle Bin @ Park+Vine,  6 – 10 pm

The Natives perform live @  ORIGINAL THOUGHT REQUIRED 7 – 10 pm

Bootleg: The Musical Influences of Ghost Empire @ MOTR, 8 pm – 1 am


ArtsWave's Paint the Street project on 12th Street. Photo by flickr user thadd

How the Arts Enrich and Enhance OTR

LPK created this short video about the art’s transformative effect in OTR and how you can help contribute to the thriving community by donating to ArtsWave.

“Anchored by the Art Academy, the Know Theatre, the Ensemble Theatre, and Music Hall, Over-the-Rhine is a testament to how the arts enrich and enhance a community. Ten years ago, many Cincinnatians wouldn’t consider venturing to OTR and today it’s one of the city’s finest destinations for dining and entertainment…”

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/38570473 w=640&h=360]

“…The arts help transform Cincinnati into the place we all envision it to be, and your gift to ArtsWave helps fuel this development bringing more creativity, culture, and thriving communities to our city. Give today, grow tomorrow. theartswave.org

This is the “ripple effect” mentioned in ArtsWave’s 2012 campaign video:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/33925603 w=640&h=360]

ArtsWave’s Paint the Street project on 12th Street. Photo by flickr user thadd

YPCC Happy Hour Choral Concert @ Below Zero Lounge!

Happy Hour Choral Concert: Young Professionals’ Choral Collective presents Sin & Tonic on Valentine’s Day

 The Young Professionals’ Choral Collective of Cincinnati (YPCC), based in Over-the-Rhine, is made up of over 60 motivated young professionals (ages 21-40), who are excited to make great choral music, support local businesses, meet new people, and reach new audiences.

The directors, KellyAnn Nelson (Managing Artistic Director) & Christopher Eanes (Associate Director), are choral musicians & real-life partners who live in OTR.  The 60+ singers live and work throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.  For their first concert, 46 singers will perform at Below Zero Lounge (1122 Walnut Street in Over-the-Rhine) where the choir has been rehearsing and socializing for the last two months.

Sin & Tonic will be presented on Valentine’s Day.  Audience members will listen with martinis in hand to quality choral music that explores all aspects of love.  The doors (and the bar) will be open from 6-10pm, and the performance will take place from 6:45 – 7:30pm.  Audience members are invited to start their Valentine’s Day evening with bawdy English madrigals, sassy French chansons, gorgeous vocal jazz arrangements and soaring American spirituals…or to make a whole night of it!

Space is limited.  Free reservations (donations accepted) can be made at www.sinandtonic.eventbrite.com


The Choir:       

YPCC rehearses on Tuesday nights in unique venues in OTR.  For this concert cycle, they have had the pleasure of singing at Below Zero Lounge.  After each rehearsal, YPCC singers socialize at various OTR locations such as A Tavola Pizza, Senate Pub, Lavomatic Bistro, Below Zero Lounge, Japp’s Cocktails, and Know Theatre.  YPCC strives to connect motivated young professionals to this great city through great music, great food, great friends, and great relationships with local businesses.  The OTR Gateway Merchants Group and YPCC have formed a great connection.

YPCC will continue to engage performers and audiences who live, work, and socialize downtown and are looking for connections to this great city, as well connecting young, hip audiences to Cincinnati’s great history of choral music performance, by presenting quality choral music in unique, informative, and fun ways.  Their next concert will feature world choral music paired with wine tastings…In Vino Veritas. In July 2012, YPCC will compete in the World Choir Games as a showcase of the young professional talent in the city of Cincinnati.

For More Information:

KellyAnn Nelson: connect@choralcollective.com
Phone: (616) 405 – 5742

Sin & Tonic Free Reservations:  www.sinandtonic.eventbrite.com


The Forget-Me-Not Murals: Memorializing Demolished Buildings Through Paint

The art collective Merge Invisible in Budapest, Hungary recently completed its Nefelejcs Project (Nefelejcs is the Hungarian word for the forget-me-not flower).

Here is how the group described its project:

“We live in Budapest, Hungary. The project was made in the 8th district, in an area of suspicoius reconstructions. Beautiful old buildings are demolished for replacing them with new ugly buildings made of cheap and bad materials. The idea was to create a memorial painting of a demolished building. There are many empty houses and giant firewalls around, so it wasn’t hard to select.

We did some research, collected datas from the Budapest City Archives about the building, and asked the neighbours too. So we made the plans of the painting with real measures of the buildings walls, roof and every details, the way it was before. We dicided to make it black and white like an x-ray view of it. We tried to look for possibilities to make it. We had some help from a local gallery, and with their help we asked a few sponsors for materials, helpful volunteers, and scaffolds. The wall was in bad conditions, so the work was really hard, and it was way bigger than we thought. So the expected 4 days of work became a whole week, but it worth for. The neighbours loved the painting, even people from the street came and joined us to paint!”

The project was supported by the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art.

Isn’t this a fantastic idea and opportunity for Over-the-Rhine and Cincinnati? The neighborhood has its fair share of empty lots and silhouettes of where old buildings once stood. The city is already known for its many murals. Here’s a map of ArtWorks Cincinnati’s MuralWorks:

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=207266536287389959124.0004a792ea36847b51433&msa=0&ie=UTF8&t=m&vpsrc=0&ll=39.236508,-84.539795&spn=0.510562,0.878906&z=10&output=embed&w=640&h=480]

Forget-Me-Not flower (could make a great logo)

In a place like Over-the-Rhine where historic buildings and empty lots mix with a bright spectrum of arts organizations, a Forget-Me-Not project would highlight what makes OTR unique. Groups and organizations as varied as OTR ADOPT, ArtWorks, OTR Matters, Contemporary Arts Center, 3CDC, the Cincinnati Preservation Association, and others could all support such a project because it both beautifies a public space but reminds us of what we have lost. It’s also a hopeful project because the only thing more terrible than being lost is being forgotten.

If you’re interested in making this project happen, please contact OTR Matters.

And to those who may think it unoriginal to copy an idea from another city, remember what Picasso said: Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

View from Stage Right Balcony

The Emery Theatre, A Requiem Project

The Emery

The Emery Theatre

The Emery Theatre was built in 1911, and is considered an acoustically pure theatre. It is one of three sister buildings (along with Orchestra Halls in Chicago and Detroit) to New York City’s Carnegie Hall. Cincinnati philanthropist, Mary Emery, bequeathed the entire Emery building to the city in memory of her late husband, Thomas J. Emery. The theatre was the original performance space for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and a former rehearsal studio for the Cincinnati Ballet. World-renowned performing artists have appeared on The Emery stage, including Russian ballet dancers Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova and actress Bette Davis.

The Emery Theatre, a 100-year-old, acoustically pure performance space that can house 1,200 to 1,600 patrons, is located at the corner of Central Parkway and Walnut Street in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine Historic district. The Emery is currently part of a long-term restoration initiative managed by The Requiem Project and will be renovated and restored into a unique arts and cultural venue for Greater Cincinnati.

View From Stage

View From Stage

The Requiem Project

But what is The Requiem Project? The Requiem Project is a 501(c)-3 not-for-profit arts company whose mission is to re-establish an acoustically-pure historic treasure, the Emery, and transform the theatre into a vibrant, acoustically-pure, and unique venue that will define itself as a space that encourages creative growth, fosters a multitude of opportunities for artistic collaborations, and offers arts-based educational opportunities through dance, music, theatre, film, visual, and interdisciplinary artistic expressions for local and national performing artists. The Requiem Project is the brainchild of two amazingly talented women who met and became friends with in New York City: Tina Manchise and Tara Lindsey Gordon.

The Beginning

They were working together in New York City in 2008 when Tina received a tragic and unforgettable phone call. Lynn, her mother, had suddenly passed away. Without answers – just heartbreak – Tina returned to Cincinnati to be with her family. Months later, still with unyielding sadness, they both assessed the feasibility of working in New York in the wake of Lynn’s passing. In Cincinnati, on November 11, 2008, Lynn’s birthday, they crossed paths with The Emery Theatre; “it was as if we were guided to the door,” explains Tina Manchise. One hundred years ago, philanthropist Mary Emery bequeathed The Emery Theatre, a 1,600-seat, acoustically pure symphony hall, to the city for “civic betterment.” The theatre has been dormant, without a vision for re-opening, for more than 15 years – and thus they found their mission and their calling: a Requiem Project in honor of Lynn.

View from Stage Right Balcony

A view of the auditorium and stage from the 2nd balcony

The Inspiration

In her lifetime, Lynn was an advocate for social awareness and change through her belief in others. She recognized the voice and soul in each person she met, and she lived as an example to all who had the pleasure of her presence. Lynn listened to both those who had much to say and to those whose voices were seldom heard. She invested in helping others to believe in themselves, and she did so with a fierce and unparalleled grace. Lynn made the world a better place through a life led with exquisite dignity, compassion, wisdom and extraordinary kindness. Lynn listened. To voices both loud and soft. To what you can see and what you cannot. She heard. She loved and was loved. Tara said of Lynn: “She is our inspiration, and it is our deepest desire that her message lives on.”

Similarly, Mary Emery had a love, understanding and faith that high-quality art inspires individuals and communities to invest in themselves and that inclusion and respect leads to a better society. Everyone has a voice, and The Emery, literally and metaphorically, should be a place not only to listen but also to be heard, and thus the company, The Requiem Project, was founded. Their vision is that The Emery would be a space for creative possibility and opportunity to listen to passionate voices through artistically based programming, education and community initiatives.

Lynn has inspired Tina and Tara to see that a building means more than seven floors, that a theatre can be much more than a place to watch performances, and that a stage is so much more than a place to stand. They see that our community is more than the sum of our fears, and its soul depends upon our trust and belief in one another. November 11 is more than a bittersweet date – it has become a sign and symbol for their company; by serendipity or plain coincidence, they were handed their first contract for The Emery on November 11, 2009. “On that day, we decided that we would open the doors of the theatre on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), and that the band Over the Rhine would play – we just put that statement into the universe, and our net has come back teeming,” an excited Tina explains.

On November 11, 2011, the doors of The Emery open, Over the Rhine will play, and more than 10 Cincinnati arts companies will join The Requiem Project in enlivening Mary Emery’s 100-year-old conviction that The Emery can be a space for art-making for the next 100 years.



            The Emery Theatre will open up for the public on Friday, November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) to officially kick-off a public fundraising campaign at a concert event featuring internationally acclaimed, Southern Ohio band, Over the Rhine.

The centennial celebration of The Emery will commence on Friday – guests will begin at one of several locations in the neighborhood at 5:30 p.m. to pick up their tickets and map of the event. At 6pm, guests will be welcome to find their way to their respective locations for cocktails and food.  At 7 p.m., guests will be invited to explore The Emery and at 8 p.m., the Over the Rhine and local arts showcase concert will begin. Showcase partners include concert:nova, Exhale Dance Tribe, MadCap Puppet Theatre, among others.  The evening will continue to an After Party hosted by local theatre and Requiem Project partner, The Know Theatre, and local bar and restaurant, Below Zero (located adjacent to The Emery).

On Saturday, they will have a press event (managed by our public relations team, Strata-G Communications) with a lecture, presentation, and discussion of the architectural renderings  hosted by Requiem Project Artistic Directors with the architectural team selected to revitalize the theatre – acclaimed Cincinnati architect John Senhauser and the nationally-renowned architectural firm Westlake, Reed, and Leskosky. After this Saturday presentation, Madcap Puppet Theatre will perform on stage, the Cincinnati Zoo will visit with their Wildlife Comes to You Program, and Chipotle will sponsor lunch for attendees.  Saturday evening, they plan to host a movie event; on Sunday, the Cincinnati Children’s Choir plans to perform.

Why revitalize The Emery

“Events occur which become defining moments in the life of a community. They are ‘stitches’ – interventions which when taken singularly, appear to perhaps be insignificant.  But taken as a collective, these stitches hint at the genesis of fabric, not only an urban weave of structures, but of a social and cultural tapestry. Stitches give way to fabric, objects yield to networks, networks initiate cultural and social rebirth. This is the context of The Emery Theater.  Buildings have a language of their own. The Emery speaks with a singular voice – people listen; the community listens as this voice joins with others. Over-the Rhine has long dreamed of its rebirth. The repurposing of The Emery Theater will join with other voices to define that network of artistic, social and cultural change.”

-John Senhauser, Emery Architect

Get Involved

            If you would like more information about the amazing work being done at The Emery, visit www.emerytheatre.com. We have numerous volunteer opportunities coming up, including a clean-up event on October 29, 2011. For more information, and to sign up, go to www.emerytheatre.com/volunteers.php or email your contact information to volunteers@emerytheatre.com.

Finally, for event information and to buy tickets to our 11.11.11 Event, go to www.emerytheatre.com/eventdetails.php.


Midpoint Midway and CAC's Singer Songwriter Stage Launch

…were kicked off with a surprise performance by Bootsy Collins!

“Twinkle twinkle, baby! William “Bootsy” Collins just led hundreds of YOU in surprise singing! Thanks Yelp Cincinnati for the great picture!!”

Photo via facebook.com/OTR.GatewayMerchants

“Nice kick off to the MidPoint Music Festival‘s Midway and CAC singer songwriter stage at 12th and Vine in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. William “Bootsy” Collins kicked off the festivities leading the crowd in a sing-a-long. Thanks ArtsWave!!”

Photo via facebook.com/ArtsWave


Final Friday OTR Skate is BACK for Round 2!!

June OTR Skate

Returning to OTR is the Final Friday OTR Skate presented by Far-I-Rome Productions. On Friday June 24, the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center will be transformed in to a combination roller disco and art gallery. Two new DJs will be featured, Cincinnati’s very own DJ Mowgli and DJ Pillo. The art installation will include art from the local art collective Bunk News.

“Skaters can expect to hear a mixture of late 70’s and early 80’s skate party cuts by DJ Mowgli and hip-hop mixed with early 90’s west coast hits by DJ Pillo,” explains Caitlin Behle of Far-I-Rome Productions. At the same times, skaters will be able to view video productions from the art collective Bunk News inspired by 60’s and 70’s album and cartoon art. For non-skaters, free Wii, foosball, pool, and bumper pool will be available courtesy of the OTR Rec Center. After working up an appetite skating or playing pool, you can enjoy some delicious burgers and fries from food truck Café de Wheels!

The first OTR Skate in April was hugely successful with nearly 300 people in attendance. Thanks to those who came out, a substantial sum was raised to benefit the OTR Rec Center. Many of the April OTR Skate’s participants came out sporting vintage clothes to match the roller disco theme. This month, Atomic Number Ten has joined in supporting the event so skaters know where to go to get their vintage digs.

Cover for the OTR Skate is $3 and includes skate rentals, with all proceeds benefitting the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center. While the admission covers you skate rental, if you own your own skates or rollerblades, you are encouraged to bring them. Since the OTR Rec Center has only 120 skates available, they are first come, first served. Admission is also limited to those 18 and older.

To sum it up:

Who: YOU!

What: Final Friday OTR Skate

When: Friday, June 24, 2011 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Where: The Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center at 1715 Republic Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Why: To benefit the OTR Recreation Center and get people more involved with the community

Music by: DJ Mowgli & DJ Pillo

Art Installation by: Bunk News

Food by: Café de Wheels

Free Wii, Foosball, pool, and bumper pool courtesy of the OTR Rec Center

Presented by: Far-I-Rome Productions

Supported by: Atomic Number Ten


FINAL FRIDAY OTR SKATE is a bi-monthly adult skate held on Final Friday at the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center. The event is highlighted by live DJs and interactive art installations, as well as support from local food and goods vendors. The OTR Skate is designed as both a unique Final Friday experience and community outreach effort – a portion of the proceeds benefit the OTR Rec Center, and many of the artists and musicians involved have offered their services in support of the effort.

FAR-I-ROME PRODUCTIONS is an independent special events production company that focuses on unifying the music & arts community under one roof through innovative events. Founded in 2010, Far-I-Rome Productions has spanned genres and brought together the corners of the cities with events like the Clifton Heights Music Festival, Turntables ‘n’ Snares, Tune-In Park and the Final Friday OTR Skate. Far-I-Rome Productions is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For more information on Far-I-Rome Productions, visit: http://www.fariromeproductions.com

For more information on the Over-The-Rhine Recreation Center, visit http://www.cincyrec.org/

Matt W. Moore, noted muralist working on Clay Street in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati

Matt W. Moore: A Giant in OTR's Midst

With remarkable regularity, something spectacular happens in Over-the-Rhine.

Matt W. Moore working on Clay Street in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati

I’ve been awestruck by the work of muralist and designer Matt W. Moore since I first discovered him.

He’s been in residence at YES Gallery on Main Street in OTR this month and his XYZ Axis exhibition opens there this Final Friday, April 29 6:00pm-11:00pm.

Matt W. Moore at YES

Instead of droning on about him and how much I admire his work, I’m going to direct you to a few key links and then share a few pertinent photos. Suffice it to say, I’m a big fan.

Matt W. Moore




Google Chrome theme

iPhone pics from Matt:

Madlove for Cincinnati art show and party at the Mockbee

This canvas and a dozen more will debut during Final Friday at YES:

Final Friday OTR Skate

Final Friday OTR Skate

Final Friday OTR Skate

This Friday April 29, 2011, is another monthly Final Friday. A new event, Final Friday OTR Skate, will also be taking place in conjunction with the regular Final Friday festivities. Far-I-Rome Productions created the event as part of their overall effort to create “events [that] bridge the gap between audiences and performers by bringing together the corners of our city for an experience that spans multiple genres.” Their past events include the Clifton Heights Music Festival and the Tune-In Park.

I spoke with Caitlin Behle, who is the Planning, Community Relations and Press Contact for Far-I-Rome, about the OTR Skate event. It is an adult Skate hosted at the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center and will take place during Final Friday from 8-11pm. Admission to the skate is $2 and

includes skate rental.

On hand will be DJ Dirty C and DJ Positronic, along with an art installation and video production wall by Such & Such (part of Losantiville, a design collective on Main St.). Taco Azul will also be parked outside for good eats.

This unique event is made possible through the generosity of DJ Dirty C, DJPositronic, Such & Such, Southpaw Prints (who screen printed the posters), and other artists and designers who have offered their services free of charge. All proceeds from the event will be returned to the OTR Rec Center, who can then reinvest that money into programming and services for the community.

Tim Heyl, the OTR Rec Center Area Director explained that 100% of the funds that are raised from this event go back in to offering services for kids and teens in the community. Money raised can be spent on restocking the gym with balls, bats, jump ropes, and other equipment.

Recreation Center memberships are $25. Of that money, $20 stays at the rec center, which is then reinvested in to programming, equipment, or staffing. As Mr. Heyl says, “The benefit of purchasing an adult membership at your neighborhood rec center is that it sends a clear message to everyone (CRC admin, City Council, etc) that you value what Recreation offers in your neighborhood. If no one values the service and no one purchases memberships, that also sends a different message to council (i.e. easier to cut). Even if you don’t have a particular interest in using these resources, most of us value that affordable recreation opportunities remain strong and viable in as many places as possible. I think the membership shows that support in a very strong way.”

Final Friday OTR Skate Details: 
April 29th, 2011
8:00pm -11:00pm
Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center
1715 Republic Street  Cincinnati, OH 45202
Enter via 1712 Race Street, one block south of Findlay Market – look for the brick archway

Performances by
DJ Dirty C

$2 (includes skate rental)
All proceeds benefit OTR Recreation Center

Food by
Taco Azul

Art installation by
Such & Such

Also check out Far-I-Romes website at: www.fariromeproductions.com

TheViewPoints Program-Requiem Project Emery Theatre Cincinnati Spring 2011

The Requiem Project: Emery Theatre Present

Viewpoints Performance Workshop with Mary Overlie hosted by The Requiem Project: Emery Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio

May 23-June 11


This three-week performance workshop offers the rare opportunity to study with Viewpoints originator, Mary Overlie, and performance artist Scott Lyons.

Program Summary:

This performance-art workshop investigates and utilizes specific Viewpoints “materials” in a workshop setting and then applies them to the creation of an original performance piece to be presented as a featured event at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. The Requiem Project: Emery Theatre is the revival of an acoustically-pure historic symphony space, the Emery, and its re-establishment as a venue that encourages creative growth, fosters multitudes of opportunities for artistic collaborations, and offers arts-based educational opportunities through dance, music, theatre, visual, and interdisciplinary artistic expressions. Contact: theviewpointsprogram@gmail.com. TheRequiemProject.com

Mary Overlie and Scott Lyons are New York University/ Tisch School of the Arts instructors and renown director in New York City and across the country.

Mary Overlie’s  work as a choreographer has won her a Bessie Award for her lifetime contribution to dance, as well as a fellowship grant form The National Endowment for the Arts. She is proud to be the co-founder of Movement Research and Danspace at St Mark’s Church and a founding member of the Experimental Theater Wing at New York University, serving as its director from 1987 to 1990. Recent teaching appointments include a Viewpoints Workshop at La Mama (Umbria, Italy), Mills College (Oakland, CA), Internationale Tanz Wochen Wein (Vienna, Austria), School for New Development (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Dansens Hus (Copenhagen, Denmark.

Scott Lyons’ recent work has been showcased at  New York at Symphony Space, The Tank, Judson Church, Dance New Amsterdam, Dixon Place, The Ritz, Triskelion ArtsCenter, The Rover Soho, Peck School of The Arts, Marlboro College, Bowery Poetry Club, Bryant-Lake Bowl, and WaterSide Plaza.  In addition to making his own dance- theater works, he has also worked with Keigwin and Company, Wendy Blum, Daisy Spurs, Despina Stamos, David Neumann, and Abel Costa.

This program is hosted by The Requiem Project.

The revival of Cincinnati’s Emery Theatre is The Requiem Project: the development of an innovative arts destination for creative possibility. The company’s mission statement is meaningful artistic interactions create community. The Requiem Project is a 501(c)-3 not-for-profit arts company  with the vision to transform the theatre into a unique venue that defines itself as a space that encourages creative growth, fosters a multitude of opportunities for artistic collaborations, and offers arts-based educational opportunities through dance, music, theatre, visual, and interdisciplinary artistic expressions.

Programs start now.