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Here’s a fun opportunity for everyone who is contributing to Over-the-Rhine’s progress and growth. This is your chance to participate in a photo documentary project about OTR. It comes by way of Becca Hoffman, a photography student at Columbia College in Chicago. (View some of her work here). She is looking to photograph businesses, residents and other contributors to the neighborhood. She will use these photos as part of her portfolio. Some or all of her photo-documentary will make its way onto the Over-the-Rhine blog to share with the OTR-loving public.

In chatting with Becca, she shared with me what she’d like to accomplish with her project:

Basically, I want to document the neighborhood progression that has come from businesses, fixing abandoned buildings (or at least painting the boarded up windows/doors), new residents, etc. I’m planning on shooting Bockfest and Final Fridays as well. The media perpetually portrays OTR as a bad neighborhood and only reports on the crime there. The development and progression of the neighborhood is important to document and as an aspiring photojournalist I feel that it is my duty to call that to attention.

So far, a number of OTR supporters have agreed to participate. Some of those who are already on board are:

This is in no way an exhaustive list and participants do not need to run or own a business to be included. If you work, play, live in or just love OTR you are invited to be involved. Who knows, someday the Over-the-Rhiners of the future might look back at these photos with the same interest as we look back at Over-the-Rhine in 1875 or even Findlay Market in early 20th century.

If you are interested in participating in this fun project, please leave a comment on this post, visit the Contact page or email otrmatters@gmail, or contact Becca via her website.

This should be a fun project!


  1. Wooden Nickel Antiques would love to join in ! In OTR for more than 30 years. A lot of people do not know we have a stained glass studio. We design and fabricate fantastic window and door panels, replicate historic windows for homeowners and repair, restore antique windows. Also we design and build one of a kind back and front bars for comercial or residential use. The bars are made mostly of reclaimed architectural pieces and carvings which is what makes them one of a kind. The rest of the merchandise ( furniture, chandeliers, fireplaces,etc. ) comes around the US and Europe. Always changeing at the store.

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