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Cincy Streetcar: Town Hall Meeting Tonight 11/14 – 7pm

Group holds town hall meeting to discuss options and next steps for finishing the Cincinnati Streetcar

Who: Small group of concerned citizens, activists, and elected officials.

What: A town hall meeting to discuss the repercussions of Mayor-elect John Cranley’s opposition to the Cincinnati Streetcar.

Event will feature a presentation on the history of Cincinnati transit, as well as a Q&A session to promote a dialogue about various topics, including:

THE PEOPLE: How can residents and business owners open a dialogue regarding the ramifications of cancelling the streetcar?

THE PROPERTY: Property owners and businesses whom have invested and plan to invest as a result of the streetcar. How does this affect your investments?

THE RAMIFICATIONS: How canceling the streetcar affects the entire city.

THE COST: The group will outline clear objectives and facts surrounding the possible cancelation of the streetcar.

THE CITY: What obligations does the city have to complete what is already 20% project complete and 70% money-committed.

THE PLAN: What we need to do to get our voices heard and keep the conversation on the table.


Where: The Mercantile Library, located at 414 Walnut St., Cincinnati, OH 45202



When: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

Why: To continue an informed dialogue about the positive economic benefits of the twice-voted upon Cincinnati Streetcar.

Parking available at Fountain Square garage, Chiquita Tower and other garage locations along Walnut, Main and Vine St.


For Media Inquiries, please contact Micah Paldino at or513-621-7676.


And Today, We Vote

Today is election day in Cincinnati. To be elected are the most influential people in the city including the mayor and members of City Council. In addition to the Streetcar which will be greatly affected by whom is elected mayor (and to City Council), other issues to be voted on include the continued support of The Public Library of Cincinnati and The Cincinnati Zoo.

Please take this opportunity to vote and help shape our city moving forward.


Where to vote (polls open 6:30am to 7:30pm):


call 513-632-7000

OR (complete list)


Complete list of candidates and issues:


Sample ballot (45202):


Voting 101:


An unbiased look at the mayoral candidates:


The potential mayors and urban planning:


Information about City Council candidates:


The Malice Ball

The Inaugural Malice Ball

The Malice Ball is tomorrow at the Christian Moerlein Brewery. Learn more and buy tickets here.

A night of elegant drama filled with twisted energy — a masquerade ball in Over-the-Rhine like you have never experienced! 
The Christian Moerlein Brewery will be transformed into a mysterious spooky hall to host the inaugural Malice Ball. Transcend into a frightful ambiance and enter a foggy, spectacular underworld. Entertainment includes DJ Matt Joy, dancing, spooky photo booth, makeup and styling by Josie Graham and MUJO, bars staffed by our favorite bartenders from Bakersfield and Japp’s, and a special popup “Thriller” performance by Pones Inc.

Proceeds benefit the OTR Chamber’s Business First Grant.

Malice Ball Masquerade


Malice Ball 2

Pones Inc. rehearsing for "Thriller"

Pones Inc. rehearsing for “Thriller”


Final Friday

Three Sure Bets Tonight at Final Friday

Three sure bets for Final Friday:

1. Hello Goodbye | Final Friday: Smartfish Studio and Supply and Rock Paper Scissors are putting on a party in their space at 1301 Main. “Join us for brews by Dave Schuster of Looking Glass Brewing, food by The Belle Jar, and pastries by Brown Bear Bakery!”

Check out Rock Paper Scissors’ indiegogo campaign below:

2. PB&J Final Friday Opening Party & Magazine Launch: PB&J is having an opening party at its new studio at 1417 Main Street to launch its biannual magazine. “Highlights of the Evening: Take Home PB&J Curated Magazine, New Furniture from the Such + Such Collection, Rose Bar, and Complimentary Valet Parking.”


3. The Ridges and The Yugos at MOTR: Folk rock and indie bands performing for free (21+) at MOTR Pub, 1345 Main Street


Lumenocity at Music Hall

Lumenocity 2013 promises to be a world class event at Washington Park at 8:30pm on August 3 and 4. Louis Langree, who is in his inaugural season as the Music Director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, teases the event in the video below:

“This orchestra has a glorious history so I think in order to make it alive always a great institution has to be a great place of experimentation. The fact that we would try something new is wonderful. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Lumenocity Teaser from Landor Unleash on Vimeo.

Find many of Cincinnati’s heritage brand and unique brews freshly made at the Lager House.

The Gastronomy of Gemütlichkeit

Article written by Cincideutsch


Cincinnati has always touted its strong German heritage, celebrating it in festivals throughout the year. But why wait until Oktoberfest to get your fix on delicious, German cuisine? In the past year, many new business owners have asked the same question, responding by opening new German-inspired restaurants and breweries throughout Greater Cincinnati. So what’s driving this reacquaintance with German gastronomy? We asked a few of these new business owners to find out—



Since purchasing Christian Moerlein Brewing Company in 2004, Greg Hardman has worked diligently to make Cincinnati’s brewing heritage accessible to today’s craft beer drinker. He embarked on a plan to return Cincinnati to the traditions of the 19th and 20th century that made the city a great pioneer in the brewing industry. Milestones have included the return of Cincinnati’s heritage brands, which had been dispersed throughout the Midwest, the return of production to Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine Brewery District (March 2013) where freshly brewed craft beer is now served in a newly opened taproom (May 2013), and the opening of the Christian Moerlein Lager House on the Ohio riverfront last year (February 2012).

Find many of Cincinnati’s heritage brand and unique brews freshly made at the Lager House.

Find many of Cincinnati’s heritage brand and unique brews freshly made at the Lager House. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach


Greg Hardman (left) at the Moerlein Lager House.

Greg Hardman (left) at the Moerlein Lager House. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

To fully understand the significance of these recent achievements, it’s important to have a grasp on the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company’s influential history. The brewery originally opened as a joint venture by Adam Dillman and a successful blacksmith, Christian Moerlein, who came to America with a mere $12.00 in his pocket and had acquired his knowledge of brewing while assisting his uncle in his hometown of Truppach, Bavaria. Since its modest beginnings catering to the local market in Cincinnati, the company became an industry pioneer in multiple arenas. In the 1880s, Moerlein received top awards for innovation in advertising and quality at expositions throughout the country. At the time of Moerlein’s death in 1897, it was the largest brewing company in the state of Ohio and soon became the only Cincinnati brewery that exported internationally. Upon Christian Moerlein’s post-prohibition revival by the Hudepohl Brewing Company in 1984, the Christian Moerlein Select Lager became the first American beer to pass Germany’s Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law of 1516), meaning that the lager became the first American beer able to be sold in Germany.

The Christian Moerlein Lager House continues in this tradition, marking just one of the many great successes in the 160 year history of the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company. Greg explains that it stands as a celebration of accomplishments made by immigrants like Moerlein who adopted Cincinnati as their home. The menu reflects this, drawing inspiration from Cincinnati’s 19th century cuisine. Not unlike at the brewing company, its offerings and verbiage have been refined to appeal to today’s audience.

Signature items, like the OTR Half Chicken, have a German flavor to them. Best paired with the Lager House Helles and a side of spaetzle (dumplings), this dish is a rotisserie-style chicken akin to that served at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Brotzeit (meat and cheese) plates are also available. Literally translating to “bread time,” this light meal consists of a variety of hard salamis, cheeses, and fresh breads. All sausages at the restaurant are made specifically for the Lager House. Favorites like the helle Bierwurst are made at Cincinnati’s very own Avril Bleh & Sons Meat Market, and the sweet, caramelly Hudepohl Bierwurst is made at Queen City Sausage. During our visit, we even had the pleasure of meeting one of the sous-chefs, who confirmed for us that all menu items are freshly prepared— everything from the creamy mashed potatoes to the tender pork shank.


Brotzeit © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Pork Shank

Pork Shank © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Aside from the menu, the floor plan of the Lager House is reminiscent of a German beer garden and opens itself to Smale Park during warm weather months. These open spaces connect the Lager House to the community, providing the opportunity for events like the truly authentic Oktoberfest experience at the Überdrome. Described as on par with Munich’s Oktoberfest by those who have visited both, the Überdrome features a menu of items from the Lager House in addition to strudels and pretzels by Servatii’s, live entertainment, and a variety of special Oktoberfest beers.

The Überdrome tent was pitched at Smale Park, adjacent to the Lager House. You will find celebrations there once again during Oktoberfest season.

The Überdrome tent was pitched at Smale Park, adjacent to the Lager House. You will find celebrations there once again during Oktoberfest season. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Overall, the Christian Moerlein Lager House is not simply an expression of Cincinnati’s history. Rather, the experience is the realization of the city’s return to its brewing traditions—a monument to the legacy of both yesterday’s and today’s pioneers.



After being inspired by the rich, German heritage of Cincinnati, Wunderbar opened on April 6, 2012 as your traditional neighborhood bar with a twist.

Nate (co-owner) and Amanda (bar manager) focused on their wish to provide quality food at affordable prices. Without a set menu, one will find their offerings written daily on the chalkboard above the bar. They strive to use the freshest of local products and inspiration. On the day of Cincideutsch’s visit, special sausages of the day were vegetarian and a Mexican-style wurst called “Guttierez,” named after the deli/grocery across the street.

Wunderbar’s chalkboard menu changes daily to stay “fresh.”

Wunderbar’s chalkboard menu changes daily to stay “fresh.” © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

The majority of Wunderbar’s wurst is made in-house—everything from grinding, seasoning, and casing. If not made at the restaurant, sausages are prepared by local meat markets. A homage to German wurst is their signature item—the curry wurst—paired with a side of well-seasoned Brussels sprouts. The unique spin on this traditional dish from Berlin is that the curry actually seasons the sausage, rather than being served only in the sauce.

Other nods to German gastronomy come in the form of freshly baked pretzels—which are HUGE—and homemade mustards, which are often made to pair with specialty sausages. We sampled a traditional sweet mustard, teriyaki, feuer (fire), and horseradish mustard. Other flavors range from black pepper to cilantro lime mustard.

Curry wurst, brussel sprouts, pretzels. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Homemade mustards, sausages, and pretzels. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Homemade mustards, sausages, and pretzels. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

What would a good pub be without its beer? Keeping to its theme of championing German and local products, the Wunderbar rotates its beer selections with each order from the distributor. Currently they keep three beers on tap, but they are looking to add at least three more and offer at least twelve different bottled beers from Germany.

Cincideutsch members enjoying the beer garden. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Cincideutsch members enjoying the beer garden. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Four-legged family members are also welcome at the beer garden. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

Four-legged family members are also welcome at the beer garden. © 2013 Lisa K. Bambach

To join in the “Gemütlichkeit” of the Wunderbar, one can visit Tuesday-Sunday starting at 11:30am. They often offer live music and karaoke and the kitchen stays open until 9pm (Sunday-Wednesday) and to 10pm (Thursday-Saturday or later depending on demand).


For a full list of German restaurants and breweries in Cincinnati, established and new, visit To learn more about upcoming German events throughout the city, visit


Your Final Friday Roundup – June

It’s Final Friday for June in OTR; here is a summary of all that’s going on.


6-8pm | Venice Vibes | Venice on Vine | 1301 Vine St.

Live acoustic soul music, spoken word poetry and visual art from various independent artists accompanied by the always tasty food at Venice on Vine. Support social growth through the arts and enjoy the good vibes; brought to you by Urban Impresario.


6-10pm |Woodwork by Jeff Kayse | Park + Vine | 1202 Main St.

Woodwork on display from recycled/repurposed materials; babushka pierogies, live music and adult beverages.


6pm | The Hand that Breeds You | Smartfish Studio | 1301 Main St.

“Highly illustrative and sweetly imaginative” art with themes that include: “a royal family, body parts, bathing suits, nature and basketballs.”


6-11pm | Richard Fruth Sculpture Exhibition | 1305 Gallery | 1305 Main St.

1305 will bring Richard Fruth’s art for a second time and the artist will be on hand to answer your questions. Richard uses acrylic, metal and wood to create abstract scenery that takes your mind to a distant place.


7-10pm |DJ Young GuruWashington Park | 1230 Elm St.

Washington Park brings you DJ Young Guru -Jay-Z’s Master DJ- for a free show. Opening performances by the always entertaining  ”Queen City” band of Elementz.


7-10pm | Monthly Mixer | Original Thought Required | 1307 Main St.

Music. Fashion. Art. This month features a special pop-up shop from Life’s Journey clothing.


6-10pm | Motif, Mantra & Mystery | Pendleton Art Center | 1310 Pendleton St.

As always, the Pendleton Art Center brings you 8 stories of beautiful artwork including the work of Frank Herrmann, Kim Krause and Eric Standley.


6-10pm | Art Circle of Essex Studios | Venue 222 | 222 E. 14th St.

Photo-realistic original artwork and hors d’oeuvres at the popular OTR event space.


6-9pm | Ranglinaires and The Lions Rampant | Neon’s | 208 E. 12th St.

Happy hour featuring rock and soul music, $5 cocktails and some interesting drink infusions.


9pm-1am | The  Burning Caravan | Japp’s | 1134 Main St.

Music by The Burning Caravan and the always lovely Molly Wellmann behind the bar.


9pm-1am | The Harlequins w/ Mardou | MOTR | 1345 Main St.

Two Cincy favorites: The Harlequins and Mardou rock out through the night.





Let us know what we missed.