Before and After: Schwartz Point

Much has changed in the last century at Five Corners where Vine Street, McMicken Avenue and Findlay Street intersect. As the photos illustrate, Schwartz Point (home to the fantastic Schwartz Point Jazz Club) hasn’t always had its distinctive clock. In fact, it wasn’t known as Schwartz Point until the Schwartz brothers moved their dental office there in the first half of the last century. For more information on the building’s history, visit “Ed Moss’s Home for Jazz“.


Schwartz Point in about 1910 before the Schwartz Brothers bought it.
Credit: Cincinnati Museum Center


Schwartz Point in 2012

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4 Responses to “Before and After: Schwartz Point”
  1. Gordon Bombay says:

    This is a multimedia piece I did for City Beat about Ed Moss and his Jazz Club. The place is awesome:…

  2. Chris Wiedeman says:

    The Jazz club is great but, Mr. Moss has failed to pay his Architect for the work done when Mr. Moss got in trouble for having a business with no license. Anyone who reads this should bring up the issue with him. Why did he not pay for the work that kept him open?

  3. John Spencer says:

    Interesting, I have always wondered about the cobble stone facade and if it was original? Guess not, the earlier photo is with out this later addition and clay tile roof at the top of the applied stone and extended store front..

  4. Bonnie J. Speeg says:

    I love the Mt. Auburn hills in the background of the photo…..the uphill Vine Street, the Schwarz building and McMicken running down. Love.

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