Be Ohio Proud OTR Stickers

If Over-the-Rhine holds a special place in your heart, show your pride with this special OTR-edition Be Ohio Proud sticker.

Purchase stickers here.

OTR Be Ohio Proud

Be Ohio Proud OTR

5 Responses to “Be Ohio Proud OTR Stickers”
  1. John says:

    Wow, only $6 for a sticker …

    • JJK says:

      Maybe they will make one for Price Hill.PH, you know one with a no gun cirlce
      going through it. For all of the residents are were moved from OTR to
      Price Hill.

  2. Cincyfoxy says:

    Love it! And if you want to keep the OTR love going…..…

  3. simple and to the point – looks great

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